Music Albums
Indrajith Dolamulla
Sinhala Music Albums
Ajith Surathe Ma
Ajith Adarayaka Kandul
Ajith Mage Niman
Ajith Sithadara
Ajith Suwanda Magee
Ajith Flash Back
Ajith Raththaran Putek
Ajith Sadakalikai Adare
Ajith Sudu Araliya Mala
Alupata Handawa
Nonstop Albums
Ajith Bandara - Non Stop
All Right - Okkoma Hari
Baby Shanika Top 40
Flash Back - Bach Susan
Flash Back - Cool Tempo
Flash Back - Hodai
Flash Bag - Super Hits Nons Top
Galle Road
Papal Rage 24
SinduSinhala Stats
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